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If you like wrist locks and crave free video tips, here’s a quick video that was posted on another web site.

Take a look. It will give you a quick tip or two about lock counters and reversals.



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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Benefits

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu From The Outside In

Even though I have been known for years as the “wrist locks guy,” I have absolutely no connection to any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organization, or any other Jiu Jitsu organization of any type.

Still, I have managed to swap locks, and other martial-arts moves, with several BJJ artists. We had a lot of fun exchanging info., techniques, and strategies, back and forth.

While BJJ isn’t necessarily “my thing,” I think I can point out some interesting benefits. The are some strong points of the style that their practitioners may or may not have considered.


Note: Please don’t take this as a disparaging comment, but I don’t think that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the end-all martial art. There are some strong points to the style, and also some areas that could use a little tweaking, ala the principles of Bruce Lee. Just my humble opinion, of course.


BJJ Strengths

Lots of Grappling Situations: Over the weeks, it seemed that we went through a myriad of grappling variations. If there was a position that you could imagine, we practiced it.

I admire their thoroughness.

Tapping Out: They really do seem to have a goal of ending the scuffle. They have a set of holds that warrant a tap-out.

I have played with other grapplers who seemed to move without a purpose. They slowly looked for something to do, next. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guys head directly toward a move or position that they know.

Can Take Punishment: I was able to play with these guys and put a little oomph into my moves. They could take it and dish it out.

I learn a lot more, when I don’t have to pussyfoot around.

No egos involved and a little rough training is fine. And the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners were a great mix.

Now, I know that not all situations are the same; not all BJJ artists will be nice; not all of them will be able to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Still, after more than one encounter, these are some of the Jiu Jitsu benefits that I noticed.

jiu jitsu for dummies

Jiu Jitsu For Dummies

Knowing that such a book didn’t exist in the published world, I thought this would be a unique title for an article. Little did I know that the word “dummies” would be used to lure martial artists to search-engine listings on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian J.J., and more.

There is even a facebook fan page devoted to Jiu Jitsu For Dummies.

It’s funny that so many would flock to what used to be a derogatory designation. Calling someone a dummy was fightin’ words.

My point in using that title for the article was to help those who were having problems with their jiu-jitsu progress. I have a way to get better, faster …

Martial Arts In A Nutshell, Not Really

You can’t master a martial-arts style in two weeks … or even two months. And if we are talking true mastery, then two years isn’t enough, either.

If you want to master something in a nutshell, then I suggest that you pick the aspect that interests you the most, and focus on it. You won’t get the whole system, but you might learn to throw anyone trying to tackle you (for example).

It’s interesting: For those who do want to perfect and become competent at their entire style, my advice is very similar to those who want the easy, short version….

Jiu Jitsu Black Belts

If you want to get a lot better at jiu jitsu, you should focus on one area of study, at first. Don’t forgo all other facets of the style; do focus on the area that can help you the most, right now.

For most people practicing Chin Na, BJJ, Small Circle, or any jiu jitsu art, I recommend a focus on wrist locks and joint locks.

Note: I know that I am known as the “wrist locks guy,” but I have logical reasoning behind my recommendation.

If you are studying toward eventually earning your black belt, then you will have to perfect wrist locks anyway, right?

They will, pardon the pun, go hand in hand with all your other martial studies. By learning them now, they will help you control the speed of an altercation. You’ll be able to gain control at some point in the scuffle.

You’ll also be able to continue your other martial responses in the middle of, or from, a wrist lock. For example, you can continue hitting while locking, and you can take a joint lock into a judo throw of some type.

The Locking Advantage

If you want a locking advantage while you progress in your martial-arts studies, I suggest that you spend a concentrated amount of time pursuing counters and reversals.

This will give you an edge over your peers, and in some cases, allow you to play with the more advanced practitioners. Just think, they start to lock you, and BAM … in an instant, they find themselves tangled, and in pain, in a joint lock of your doing.

This is manipulation at its finest.

By the way, I made a quick video on counters and reversals. It lasts under three minutes and has a secret tip. If you have a few minutes, and want a counter and reversal tip, then click here:

wrist locks tip on counters and reversals

wrist locks tip video

Wrist-Locks Video Training Advice

This is my newest video on wrist locks. There really are a couple of useful fighting tips embedded within some safety considerations.

Watch this video, now. It lasts just a little over four minutes: