Wrist Locks Tip Dealing With Resisters

From time to time, I pick up a new tip to add to my arsenal of wrist locking knowledge. And the following tip has to do with, pardon the play on words, picking something up … or possibly, throwing something down….

On another blog, I recently posted an article on Joint Locks in Law Enforcement.

In that wrist-locks article, I share a new tactic: Author Loren Christensen once had to subdue a perpetrator with a mattress. He toppled the mattress on the resister, and then grabbed a hand for a wrist lock.

Don’t you think that’s a great idea?

Can you brainstorm a way to expand on the principle?

Easy Wrist Locks

Maybe all wrist locks would be easier, if we could crunch the fight out of our attacker with a heavy object, first. Grab that bookcase. Hand me that piano. Throw that skateboard.

And then effect a wrist lock!

I’m not saying this is the end-all answer to snapping on efficient joint locks AND dealing with resisters. Still, it makes you ponder the possibilities. And it’s a great little concept to add to your martial-arts repertoire. Wouldn’t you agree?