lockflow beginners

If you don’t understand the concept of lockflow or flowing from one lock to the next, then read on….

Lockflow In Its Simplest Form

In its simplest form, lockflow is the smooth progression from one joint lock or wrist lock to another. The idea behind a correct flow is to keep some sort of pressure on the joint or limb throughout the entire transition.

Sloppy low-flow practitioners release pressure during their “segue” from one move to the next. Often they try to fill this space with a hit or a kick….

Adding in Kicks and Hits to Your Lockflowing

Whether your sequence is composed of two locks or seven, it can be very useful (and beneficial) to add in punches, strikes, and kicks. After all, in a real self-defense situation, you might have to get rough in order to protect yourself (or your loved ones).

Lockflowing is especially conducive to hitting and kicking, because your enemy’s movement is restricted. This limitation gives you a distinct advantage.

While I do approve of this strike and kick advantage, especially when dealing with multiple attackers, you can guess that I don’t like to use hits to fill the space between poorly-executed moves.

Learn to lock well.

Lockflow From Both Sides

Most martial artists think of lockflow as having one practitioner in command through the whole “exercise.”

I encourage you to take this drill to the next level and EXCHANGE locks.

You effect a joint lock, and your practice partner counters or reverses your lock, by “flowing” into another joint control.

And yes, you can still insert kicks and punches into your exercise.

Lock Flow Beginners Resource

If you have no clue how to flow from one lock to the next I recommend that you read the chapter featuring two patterns in Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself To Becoming an Expert.

Start with the locks and sequences in the patterns, and then as soon as your are fluid in your flowing (pardon the play on words), add in some of the other locks and reversals from the book.

This will give you all the start that you need.