Wrist Locks Book with Counters

Thanks for watching the counters and reversals video …

I Know That You Can Master Wrist Locks Easier Than Ever Before!

Being able to counter and reverse any joint lock or wrist control really is more than cool … it’s super practical. And it is possible.

Chapter Three of Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert is how to get out of unfamiliar locks by feeling where to go. And as an example, it explores three or four variations on reversing and countering the classic arm bar, from a standing position.

You’ll also learn my favorite reversals in Chapter Nine which is all about mastering counters and reversals. By the way, the two patterns taught in Chapter Six are perfect examples of how you can start playing with flowing. And from there, it’s a short step to flow into trading locks, which is like a countering super practice.

More Than Just Counters And Reversals

I have been giving you examples of all of the counters and reversals that you are going to discover, but frankly, you should be getting excited about “all of the other stuff,” that you are about to delve into….

If you have ever felt that wrist locks are impractical or “not really useful in a fight,” prepare to have your eyes opened. You are about to discover the world of practical locking. Real locks used in real fights!

290 pages filled with 423 photos, two new bonuses chapters (featuring an original Bruce Lee student), and new locks.

I See A Great “Martial-Arts” Future For You

Whether you are a bodyguard, a bouncer in a bar, a martial artist, a MMA fighter, or just someone who wants to inflict pain on anyone who grabs them forcefully, you are about to discover some slick moves … great locks. And of course, doable counters and reversals.

Hey, I don’t want to be pushy, at all.

If you pass on this offer, I’ll have another article or another video tip in a few days. But if you are ready to shape a future filled with the confidence of knowing you can lock anyone, then we are about to go on a fun journey of joint locking discovery.

It really is a fun and super useful book. (I have been told it’s like having me in the room with you.)

Click on the order button, and get ready for a new level of martial-arts self-defense,


PS And of course, anything I write comes with a 100%, satisfaction guarantee. Period.

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