Wrist Locks FAQs

Who wrote Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert?

All editions of Wrist Locks are by Keith Pascal. His wife, Kate, and parents edited the text, and his good friend, Lee Asher, designed the cover, and provided other graphically-creative input.


Is it available in harback, soft cover, or an ebook?

The first edition, with line drawings came out in hardcover, in 1999. It’s now out of print.

The revised and updated edition of Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert is soft cover. It’s a much better edition than the first.

The hardback edition, with the illustrations, was available as an ebook download, but is no longer for sale. As to Kindle and Nook … which would you prefer?

We’re in the process of researching Wrist Locks’ next format.


Should I get the hard-cover edition or the soft-cover edition of Wrist Locks?

The hardcover, first edition of Wrist Locks is out of print, but you can still find it used on sites like Amazon.com. Unfortunately, it often sells for between $200 – $500. (Purely a collector item.)

The soft cover edition is 100 times better. Really. Besides having 423 new, sequenced photos, it also has some new locks, and two bonus chapters. Also, the text has been tightened.


Why is Wrist Locks: From Protecting … different from other grappling and locking books?

This book takes you beyond technique. You explore ways to get out of unfamiliar locks, as well as learning to invent your own locks … even on the spur of the moment.

You’ll deal with resisters and fast punches … all into the next joint control … or not. ;-)

It also emphasizes reversals and counters. You discover impressive ways to lock the person locking you!

And … you get the Keith Pascal “flavor.” The book is an entertaining read. It’s not a dry text.


Also, this book is NOT style specific. It works for everyone.



What do you mean by “sequenced photos”?

This is a Kerwin Benson Publishing trademark. In certain sequences, you get a “stacked set of photos.” You break the sequence down into separate movements. This is even better than a video, because you get a stopped position to copy, every step of the way.


Could you explain what you mean by Bonus Chapters in your book?

Sure. Keith Pascal’s martial-arts teacher was an original Bruce Lee and Ed Parker student. Keith took some photos of his teacher doing some creative and very useful joint locks. Then, Keith turned these photos into two complete lessons.

Thus, you have two bonus chapters, featuring Steve Golden.


Should I buy my copy from Amazon.com or from this web site?

Absolutely your choice. If you have an account at Amazon.com, you may find it more convenient to order from them … and they offer free, fast shipping, if you belong to their premium program.

But …

If you order it from this site, you can have your copy autographed or just signed. (It could be autographed to you, a friend, family member, student, or teacher.)

Also, occasionally, an offer from this site will come with online ebonuses.

Just a thought.

If you have any more questions, email me.