Q: Is this really a free newsletter and wrist locks mini ecourse?

    A: Yes, 100% free. May you find useful information. You have an opportunity to increase your martial skills.


Q: If something looks too good to be true …

    A: Don’t worry. This newsletter does what it says it does. And I don’t slam you with a classified ad section, filled with a long list of garbage, at the bottom of each newsletter. I promise.
    You signed up for a wrist locks ecourse, so that’s what you’ll get. Followed by my newsletter issues … with practical tips and tricks.


Q: But aren’t you selling something?

    A: Occasionally; I really am a ¬†martial-arts writer. From time to time, I’ll tell you about one of my books or ebooks, especially if it relates to the newsletter issue. Buy it or stick with the free version; it’s your choice, and I hope you don’t ever perceive me as trying to “hard sell” you.


Q: What’s the advantage to getting your “for sale” books and ebooks?

    A: I write martial arts books and ebooks for one reason — to help you improve. I don’t write about history, or tournament results … just practical-application martial arts. And while I try to make my freebie ebooklets and videos useful, I know that my books and ebooks are of a much higher quality. ¬†Higher quality means more practical value … more specific instructions … more sequenced photos.