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When get licensed says that you can get your security license in three easy steps, they mean it. First you get training, then you get certified, and finally you get licensed. Bam, bam, bam.

Each trainer has a short video that you can watch … something that I haven’t seen on any other site.

When you go to the FAQ section of the site, scroll through the menu to Security Guard Training.

In their webcast section (check the nav bar across the top), you’ll find both live and recorded videos for learning.

Another big plus is that they post results online, after the exams are graded. You may log in and privately check your scores.

This company is easy to contact, and they have a good social presence on the Internet. Here is a sampling of how to find and follow them online:

Find Get Licensed on Facebook.

Sign up to the Get Licensed channel on

Also, follow Get Licensed on Twitter.

Or go directly to their site:

Once again, we’d like to congratulate Get Licensed for their inclusion on the Top 50 Security Guard Training Sites of 2012.

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