Legal Criminal Justice Schools

We’ like to welcome Legal Criminal Justice Schools to the Top 50 List.

This list selects the sites that are best for training in the security guard industry. This site does that and more….

You’ll find a list of schools that offer degrees in security guarding and law enforcement (scroll down). Also, be sure to look to the left; you’ll find links to related fields … forensic psychology, criminal science, criminal scene investigations, and even homeland security degrees.

Definitely worth checking out.

What’s really great about this website are the direct links to request more information on any degree listed. A definite plus.

In the top nav bar, if you click on the criminal justice careers link, you’ll find over 75 related careers. You can also use the nav bar to search for programs by state. You can also search for schools near you by zip code or state. (Search box in the upper left.)

Bookmark this site and keep it as a resource, until you are enrolled in the program of your choice.

You really can tailor your career as a security officer.


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