The Wrist Locks Mini Course really is beneficial … and I hope interesting.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • 2 Free Grapple ebooklets (gifts, yet very useful information
  • Special Wrist-Locks Tips eBooklet
  • 10-part mini wrist locks course (one lesson per day)
  • Extra ebooklets (Always about practical self-defense)
  • A few videos (Yes, even though I write books, I have included a few video lessons)


If you have a need for practical wrist locks — bodyguard, bouncer in a bar, martial artist, better self-defense technique, able to control the jerks of the world … then sign up now.

Yes, it’s still free.

I look forward to talking to you soon,

Keith Pascal

PS Do you have any questions about this newsletter or this site? Let’s start an FAQ section….



Q: How much does this cost?

    A: The ecourse, newsletter that follows, and the ebooklets are all free. No charge.


Q: What’s the catch?

    A: No catch. It really is my mission to help people make their martial arts more practical.


Q: But aren’t you selling something?

    A: Sure; I’m a martial-arts author. I have books and ebooks for sale. Some people choose to stick with my free offerings; others like the meatier, paid information.


Q: Are your paid books and ebooks really better?

    A: I’d like to think so. You get sequenced photos to follow, edited materials, and a more complete treatment of a single theme. I want my free ebooklets to be useful, but I want my bigger works to be MORE useful.


Q: How do you qualify as an expert author?

    A: To read about my qualifications as a martial artist and teacher, check the about Keith page. My qualifications as an author include:

    • editor of one of the longest-running martial-arts newsletters online
    • author of over a dozen books and ebooks on martial arts
    • over 30,000 pages that mention “keith pascal” AND “martial arts” when googled
    • hundreds of articles published on some of the major internet article directories