National Security Enforcement Training Center

Category Winner: Best Security Guard Site for  Firearms Training (2nd place) is really a subsidiary of The National Security Enforcement Training Center. Whether referring to the former or the latter, we liked what we saw….

These folk are California State licensed and emphasize both Security Guard Training and the more general Firearm Training. Not only are they very affordable, but they offer a military discount. Way to go, guys!

I really like the information on this site, and think it should have scored higher on the Top 50 List. If you explore the information, you’ll instantly see that it applies to more than just their courses. (For example, they discuss California Security Cards, in general.)

This company is so helpful, they even provide videos to get you going in the right direction, like this one:








While their link to Twitter didn’t work … and we couldn’t find them with a search, we were able to eventually find The National Security Enforcement Training Center on Facebook:

National Security Enforcement Training Center on Facebook


I think you’re really going to like exploring this site. Enjoy!

You’ll see why it’s in the Top 50.



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