Phantom Security Service


If you are looking for an online training manual for becoming a security guard or officer, then look no further. Phantom Security Service made it on to the Top 50 Security Guard Training Websites of 2012 for one reason … they have a complete manual for you to peruse.

And it’s FREE.

We’d love to tell you more about the site, its creators, the company, and so forth … but this really is a bare-bones website. And it’s ugly, too.

But it has a manual for you. And for someone wanting to enter into the security guard profession, this is a must.

Maybe there inclusion on this year’s Top 50 list will inspire them to give their site a makeover, make it easy to navigate, and add some of the necessary navigation features (contact, about us, FAQs, etc.).

Take a look at this free security guard training manual.



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