Wrist Locks for Security Guards

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]What’s your greatest fear or concern as a security guard or other professional who deals with the public?[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

About 20% of the security guards who were asked the above question answered with something to do with employment, but 80% had a different answer.

Do you know what their major concern was? Can you guess?

About four fifths of those queried answered with something having to do with safety:

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  • avoiding mishaps with guard dogs
  • self-defense against “evildoers” (perpetrators, criminals, suspects)
  • detaining and restraining aggressive types
  • staying safe from weapons


[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]I’m Not Going to Teach You to Wrist Lock a German Shepherd[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

I can’t solve all of your security guard challenges in one shot. I won’t be teaching you self-defense against guard dogs, for example. By the way, shouldn’t the dog be on your side? (I’m not sure why this response was sent in.)

And I think we better leave the firearms training to some of the sites on the Top 50 List.

But there is one area, that I can help you with … a skill that you absolutely need.

It all started long ago, when I had to give an on-the-spot demonstration….


[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]The Bruce Lee Memorial Seminar[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

In 1997, I participated in the First Annual, By Invitation Only Bruce Lee Memorial Seminar. I attended that event and the next three yearly get-togethers after that.

At the 1999 and 2000 seminars, I had “wrist locks encounters.” I’d like to tell you what happened at the Fourth Annual Bruce Lee Memorial Seminar (2000, in Las Vegas), because it relates to security guards….

When my wife and I attended the event, I took as many copies of my book as I could fit in our bag. I really crammed them in, thinking that this seminar might be the perfect opportunity to sell them. Or if not at the seminar, then maybe for a wholesale price to a local bookstore in Las Vegas.

As I attended the classes held by each of the original Bruce Lee students (including my teacher, Steve Golden), I didn’t really see an opportunity to sell my book. And so, I forgot about all the copies in our hotel room. Besides, there was some very cool martial arts going on … especially between classes, in the hallways.

One class we attended, was held by a Filipino martial-arts instructor. Towards the end of his presentation, he did a couple of wrist locks.

I liked the second lock that he did, but worried about the attacker’s free hand.

After the class was over, I politely waited with some of the other attendees, to ask him a question. When it was my turn, I asked. As a response, he locked me, and then told me to reach for him with my other hand.

Instantly, he applied pressure to the lock, which prevented me from moving my free hand.

So, I asked if he was open to me being a little more aggressive in my response. He said, “Sure, go ahead.” And then he wrist locked me again.

This time, I quickly countered by reversing the lock on him, and before he could respond to my reversal, flowed it into a different lock.

His eyes almost bugged out of his head, they were so wide.

Without asking, he put a different lock on me. I countered (and completely surprised him) by turning it into a lock on his opposite hand.

To give him credit, he instantly countered that one. And he did a very good job of it, I might add.

Next, I countered the third exchange in our little sequence.

At that point, recognition washed over his face. He stopped the “play.” And he announced to the crowd that had gathered to watch, “I didn’t recognize him at first.” He turned to me, “But you’re the guy who wrote the book, Wrist Locks, aren’t you?”

I nodded in reply.

Then for about five minutes, we had an open discussion in front of everyone about practical wrist locks for professionals, like security guards, bouncers, and law enforcement officials … complete with demonstrations. Back and forth, back and forth. It was a lot of fun for us, and for the audience, too.

Would you like to know what happened the next day?

At another demonstration I was singled out as “The Wrist Locks Guy,” and they asked me for a demonstration. I obliged with basically a repeat of the demonstration from the day before.

Afterwards, someone mentioned my book. And people in the audience asked if, by chance, I had any for sale, with me.

And I had to say, NO.

I was completely sold out of the ones I had brought with me. I had to refer them to my website and offer business cards.

Do you know why we didn’t have any “Wrist Locks: From Protecting …” left in our suitcases?


[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Keith Pascal Cornered by Security Guards[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

After the first encounter with the instructor in the Filipino arts of Kali and Escrima, a couple of security guards, from the casino where the Memorial Seminar was being held, cornered me. They had seen and listened to the entire demonstration and discussion.

These guards wanted to know if I had any books for sale, with me. I sold them two, autographing both to the guys … and I guess word spread among security guards at the casino.

Within a day, I had completely sold out of all suitcase copies of Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert.

And from the website referrals and the business cards with our address, there were more security-guard orders when we got home.

Could that be the reason that I got a nice review in Police and Security News? Here’s an excerpt …

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“…[Keith Pascal teaches] some great locks — some are pretty unusual.
“… but, this book goes way beyond mere technique. Pascal teaches you to invent your own locks…..”
Police and Security News



[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Wrist Locks Revised[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

All of that buzz and popularity … and that was back in the first edition of the book.

Now, all of these years later, Wrist Locks has been completely revised and updated … 423 new photographs, full sequences, added locks, 2 bonus chapters, and more. And it’s finally available as a soft cover.

If you are a security guard, a bodyguard, a bouncer, or any other professional that might someday need to restrain an out-of-control person, then you need to be a proverbial wrist-locking expert.

You have to be able to make these locks work. And they have to work at defending and protecting you on the job. By the way, being able to control competently with a joint lock or arm bar will definitely boost your confidence.


[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Higher-Pay Security Guards[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

If you are a minimum-wage guard, and you intend to stay at that low pay grade, then this book probably isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to be a higher paid professional in your job, then this may be the only book on the subject that will get you where you want to go with wrist locks.

Wrist locking and joint locking must become part of your skill set, if you are to command impressive prices for quality security work.

If you don’t have years to put into classes, if you don’t trust all of the crap that you see in many of the DVDs, and if you really want to lock like an expert … like a professional, then get started now …




[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#FF0000″]Special eBonus Just for SECURITY GUARDS![/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

This 34-page ebonus was created just for this offer. With this information, you can let “the other guys” have the minimum-wage jobs. You’ll command a much higher salary, simply because you’ll have more to offer.

Discover where to find high-paying security-guard jobs … maybe even in your area. Find out everything that will set you apart from your low-earning counterparts.

This is not a book that is going to try to sell you on some security-guard program. You are getting actual advice on how to develop better skills that are worth more.

As I said, the only way to get this ebook on earning better wages as a security guard is with this offer. It’s free to you, when you order Wrist Locks through the links on this page.

If you are a security guard, or want to be one, then this is the ebook for you.


[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Order Your Copy Sooner Than Later[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

If you order your copy during this offer, you’ll get the following:

  • Soft cover book (292 pages),Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert
  • FREE postage and handling for a VERY LIMITED TIME
  • Your copy autographed to you, or just signed for resale value (the first edition has sold for over $500)
  • 2 Bonus Chapters, featuring an Original Bruce Lee student
  • The Wrist Locks Articles (ebook with some feature articles)*
  • The ebooklet collection (I send out various ebooklets on wrist locks. Make sure you have them all.)*And the Brand New …
  • ebook (34 pages), The Higher-Paid Security Guard: Be Worth More to Get Paid More

    [headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#000000″]$37.95 (U.S.)[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]


    I’m not sure how long this offer will last, so secure your copy now.

    And remember to provide autographing instructions — autographed to you, to someone else, signed (for collecting and resale), or left blank.

    If you have any questions, please email me.

    I wish you the best,

    [headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]Keith Pascal[/headline_arial_medium_left]

    PS If you’d prefer to order a copy from Amazon.com (Wrist Locks), that’s fine. They just won’t be able to offer autographing or the downloadable ebonuses.

    [testimonial2 author=”— John Little, the first authorized historian of the Bruce Lee Estate” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/john-little.jpg”]Wrist Locks gives readers the means to acquire proficiency in this often overlooked component of a complete martial artist’s arsenal.

    “Keith Pascal has authored a book that is highly informative and entertaining….”[/testimonial2]

    [testimonial2 author=”— M. Grube: Martial consultant (Hawaii)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/m-grube.jpg”]

    “… you will learn solid techniques, and develop the ability to create more.

    “Pascal is a true reference, who has opened the art of joint-locking to the world. You will think; you will learn; you will grow!”


    [testimonial2 author=”— Steve Golden: Personal Bruce Lee student, Original Ed Parker Black Belt, and Top Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Instructor” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/steve-golden.jpg”]

    “…he tells you when to use them and what to do if something goes wrong…. And he does it with a sense of humor…

    “good book. Very Good!”


    [testimonial2 author=”— BIG Sean Madigan” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/big-sean.jpg”]

    “Kip Pascal has produced an outstanding book, Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert!

    “…I was very impressed with Mr. Pascal’s ‘way’ of writing, and you will love his sense of humor, and of course the …

    “The book has become one of the most important books in my martial arts library, and I continue to use it as a reference. I highly encourage you to order this book, you owe to yourself!”


    [testimonial2 author=”— Leonardo Barcaroli, Martial-arts researcher (Rome, Italy)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/barcaroli.jpg”]

    Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert is a very useful tool. I’m a Wado Ryu researcher (also studying Daito Ryu, Aikido, and Kenjutsu).
    “I also teach Martial Arts. Keith Pascal is a very good Martial Artist; he is skilled, and you must put into practice his advice….
    ” … you should have the right teacher and the right book. Well! Keith is a good teacher and his Book is a VERY good book.”


    [testimonial2 author=”— David M. Moore, (Columbus, OH, USA)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/no-photo-yet.jpg”]


    “An Excellent Read. This book is well formatted and reads very well….
    “I have practiced with this book and it is helpful and practical. Also I would like to mention I have nothing but good things to say about the author. Mr. Pascal is a stand up guy. I would advise anyone to purchase this book as I am confident they would walk away with …”


    [testimonial2 author=”— M. Lane, (England)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/no-photo-yet.jpg”]

    “Well written and detailed to boot! Keith has done it again with this book. It’s a great read for both beginners and experienced martial artists alike.

    “I’d definitely recommend Keith’s wrist lock book (or any of his books for that matter) to any martial artist, whether they are just starting out like me, or have a few years (or styles!) under their belt.”Top notch![/testimonial2]

    [testimonial2 author=”— Martin Von Cannon, black belt, Kang Duk Won, (Tacoma, WA)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/martin-voncannon-wristlocks.jpg”]

    “Excellent Book. I have been teaching martial arts for 5 years and studying for nearly 10 before that.

    “This book is exactly what I needed. Teaching TKD, we don’t use a lot of locks, but we do teach them. This book covered reversals and counters as well as being generally informative on the subject.

    “I have bought books at twice this price and gotten half as much out of them.”[/testimonial2]

    [testimonial2 author=”— Raven Metalhead (Philadelphia, PA)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/no-photo-yet.jpg”]

    “Simple, easy, and it works.

    “This book was all i could have hoped for. Simple and to the point, it easily made its points clear to someone with no experience like me.

    “I highly recommend this book. You won’t be disappointed.”[/testimonial2]

    [testimonial2 author=”—Don D. Roberts, Martial-arts enthusiast” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/no-photo-yet.jpg”]

    “As an on again/off again martial artist I have been exposed to several schools of thought and practice regarding holds and locks.
    “But only since buying Wrist Locks… have I really been able to understand the concepts of some of the locks and get them to work for me.
    “This book gives clear descriptions of numerous locks that help me, as a beginner, understand the basics and make it all happen in the dojo. In addition, the book covers escapes and explains how to train to execute an escape when an opponent tries to put a lock on.

    “This book is well worth the money and often goes with me to my workouts.”


    [testimonial2 author=”— Jesse Williamson, Martial-arts teacher, (Ashland, Oregon)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/jesse-willamson.jpg”]

    “This is a very good book about wrist locks!It introduces a lot of great basic locks, with very good descriptions. There are also drills for improving your ability to flow with wrist locks, and apply them in a wide variety of situations to a wide variety of people.

    “I enjoyed the author’s writing style (one lock is called “Uncle Fred”), and many excellent suggestions for practice. The tone is largely conversational and approachable, with many little tidbits of very interesting information sprinkled throughout the text.

    “I think that most martial artists will benefit from this book.”[/testimonial2]

    [testimonial2 author=”— k.a. ~ Wolfvonder Keller, (Texas, USA)” + pic=”http://wristlocksexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/no-photo-yet.jpg”]


    “This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and DEFINITELY the best martial arts book.

    “… and the writing is simple to understand.

    “I can’t count how many times these locks have gotten me out of trouble!”[/testimonial2]


    [headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000”]HUNDREDS more positive Wrist-Locks testimonials have been sent to Kerwin Benson Publishing![/headline_arial_medium_centered]













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