tv martial artists faking it

When you see TV martial artists doing wrist locks, do you think they are real, or do you think they are faking it?

Non martial artists have asked me my opinion of various celebrities who do martial arts on the small screen. They want to know if the moves in the cop shows are a bunch of hooey, or if there is any weight to the joint locks being performed.

My answer is that … of course … it depends.

Believe it or not, a lot of the locks that I saw on the early episodes of Bones were very accurate. (I haven’t checked lately.)

On the other hand, most of the locks on the reruns from the 70s that I have seen on were a load of crap.

I could go on and on about this CSI show or that Law and Order incarnation, but I think it’s a much better wrist locks exercise for you to analyze TV joint locks.

Learn to see which positions and torques would stress a joint, and which are … just for show.

And you know which book I recommend to learn practical wrist locks, right?

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